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Practice at your best.


The primary goal of the Emergency Technician is to provide optimal patient care, educate clients and peers, and offer premier customer service to CUVS clients.


As a core member of the veterinary medical team, the Emergency Technician will work closely with the assistants, technicians, doctors and other staff members to carry out the care and treatment of emergency patients. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: patient receiving; organizing and assisting with all technical aspects of patient care/procedures needed in order to perform exemplary patient care and handling, as well as efficient service flow; client interaction, preparing patients for exams, assisting during exams, room preparation, handling and monitoring patients, handling and monitoring equipment; patient set up, nursing care and completes treatments as needed for department patients.


The Emergency Technician is expected to maintain the standards of care, and adhere to protocols established within the hospital. Additionally, the Technician will be expected to uphold the culture of learning and core values of CUVS through training and professional enhancement of skills and knowledge.

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Available Technician and Assistant Positions


Specialty Technician
Emergency Technician
ICU Technician
Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) Mentoring Program Director
Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) Candidates
Veterinary Assistant

​Individuals with a passion for their work, a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork, and an appreciation for diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.

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