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Mission & Values


Outstanding medicine is at the core of what we do and who we are. And you cannot have the best medicine without the best people. So, at CUVS, we take a very different approach to hiring, training and empowering our people. And we promote a culture that brings out the best in everyone.


Our doctors are outstanding.
It starts with doctors who have exceptional training, clinical skills and experience. Our specialists are among the most renowned and respected professionals in their fields. This high level of professionalism extends to all our staff. Meet our doctors here.

Our veterinary nurses are among our biggest assets.
Our veterinary nurses are equally dedicated and inspired. Many of them also have advanced specialty certification and some hold adjunct positions at veterinary technician schools. We have a career building program for all staff - and encourage, support and mentor professional growth.

The result.
A cohesive and collaborative team of people who share a fundamental vision, respect and enjoy each other, and value the exceptional and supportive culture that is borne from that.




Patient-Centered Medicine – Our first priority is the compassionate care and welfare of each individual patient. Our clinical and technological sophistication is employed toward the achievement of that goal.

Integrated Care – To provide optimal care for our patients, we integrate the skills and resources of our entire staff with those of the client’s primary care veterinarian, and of Cornell University.

Collaborative Decision-Making – We tailor our diagnostic and therapeutic plans based on active consultation with the pet owner and the primary care veterinarian.


A Culture of Learning – We are committed to a culture that promotes and inspires continual expansion of ourselves as professionals, as individuals, and as an organization.

We benefit from our ties to one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

Professional Partnership - To contribute to our local community, delivering value through continuing education, training programs for veterinary support staff, and other initiatives.

Respect – We respect our clients, colleagues, and co-workers by seeking to understand their experience and expectations. We communicate professionally, authentically, and proactively.

Personal Responsibility – We understand that each staff member is integral to our success. We expect each staff member to take the initiative in finding solutions and improving outcomes for our patients and clients.

Integrity – We act ethically in all of our dealings, and deliver on our promises.



​Finding your passion is important to us. Whatever pathway you choose, we have a plan and resources to support you. We are dedicated to helping our team members develop to their fullest potential, and are proactive in assisting each individual to achieve their professional goals.

Whether you’re at the top of your field, or just starting your career, CUVS has a welcoming group of colleagues, who can help you reach your goals and practice the way you dream.



We have a truly exceptional and unique culture that makes for an unparalleled work environment.

  • Our culture prioritizes and values every team member and their essential role in fulfilling our shared mission.

  • Our culture celebrates diversity and understands the richness that it brings to all.

  • Everyone is welcome under this roof.

Together, we pursue excellence and build a community around that. Together, we have created a unique culture that sets us apart from other hospitals you may know or be considering.

ECC Gurney shot.2-Edit.jpg

I am proud to work alongside some of the most talented and accomplished veterinary professionals in our industry. Their encouragement and mentorship has supported my Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) journey. I look forward to each day, where I can apply my knowledge and contribute to making a difference in the lives of patients and clients. I also enjoy being a part of the CUVS' mentorship team, helping other technicians and assistants pursue their passions and accomplish their own career goals. As an industry, we must do better about supporting one another in a positive and respectful environment, CUVS does just that.

Tracey, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia)


I started my career at CUVS as a Client Services Coordinator. I have moved into leadership positions first as a Shift Lead, and now as the Client Services Department Lead. I'm doing work I enjoy, for an organization who appreciates and values what I bring to our community.

Sparkle, Client Services Department Lead

Innovation & Collaboration


We know that the best outcomes happen when we work together, and bring all of our combined skills to the fore. At CUVS, we do this exceptionally well.

Our commitment to innovative and advanced medicine, to learning, and to our culture has enabled us to attract a team of veterinary professionals with the same passions and values, from experienced professionals to those just starting out in the field.

As a university-affiliated hospital, we are committed to our missions of education and discovery. While we operate as a private practice, our team members have myriad opportunities for collaboration, teaching and clinical trials within CUVS and with Cornell.

Doctors Collaborating_Forman_OMorgan_Hac

Career Advancement

Whatever pathway you choose, we have a plan and resources to support you. We are dedicated to helping our team members develop to their fullest potential, and are proactive in assisting each individual to achieve their professional goals.

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