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Practice at your best.


When it comes to the people on the CUVS team, we set the bar pretty high. It’s an essential part of our mission to deliver unparalleled care and exceptional service.

We are specialist-run. Our specialists are a cohesive team of clinicians who strongly believe in collaboration, communication, respect, and lifelong learning, and are actively involved in strategic medical and organizational decisions. We pride ourselves on our phenomenally and uniquely positive culture.

While our hospital operates as a private practice, our specialists have many opportunities for collaboration, teaching and clinical trials with Cornell and other institutions.

While other practices hire, we select - only those veterinarians whose clinical acumen, dedication and philosophy of care matches our culture. 

CUVS has specialists in emergency-critical care (5), internal medicine (3), surgery (2), oncology (2), ophthalmology, dermatology, radiology, dentistry-oral surgery, and part-time cardiology and anesthesiology. We have advanced Interventional Radiology & Interventional Endoscopy.

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Available Specialist Positions: none at this time


​Individuals with a passion for their work, a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork, and an appreciation for diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.


Please contact: Susan Hackner, BVSc, MRCVS, DACVIM, DACVECC (Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer) at

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